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Birkhauser Architectural Guide Belgium the Netherlands Luxembourg : 20th Century
H. Van Bergeijk, O. MacEl / Hardcover / Published 1998

Space Calculated in Seconds : The Philips Pavilion, Le Corbusier, Edgard Varese
Marc Treib / Hardcover / Published 1996

Belgio: Architettura, Gli Ultimi Vent'anni
Marc Dubois / Paperback

Brussels New City: Architecture 1989-95
Herve Hasquin / Paperback / Published 1996

Brussels' Vertical Horizon
Marie Francoisea Plissart / Hardcover

CIMOSA: Open System Architecture for CIM
Brussels ESPRIT Consortium AMICE Belgium / Paperback / Published 1993

Crowning the City: Vernacular Architecture in Antwerp from the Middle Ages to the Present Day
Rutger Tijs / Hardcover

Flanders New Architecture
Liliane Knopes / Paperback / Published 1997

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ASA Art and Technology in association with Amazon Books

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