The Foundation for Arts, Sciences and Technologies - Observatory was created by Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, the City of Trancoso, in Portugal, and João Barba. In the end of 2004 Emanuel Pimenta, João Barba and Julio Sarmento, then major of the city, imagined that - as we knew - there was no entity in the world created for artists, scientists, philosophers and thinkers from any country. In general, entities alike are oriented to a specific region, to a specialised activity and, in the great part of cases, constituted as bureaucratic institutions. We considered Trancoso - a marvellous city in Portuguese mountains, full of history, a magnificent medieval castle, streets dating about 1000 years - the ideal place for a continuous reflection about our planet through art, science and new technologies. Then, even not having any external support, we decided to make it - not for us, but to everyone. Of course, the projects will depend on the resources we will be able to catch - but the philosophy is this. Soon, Rui Barba joined us. Two events were programmed for 2006, the first year of activities - an Art and Science Meeting, that immediately counted with the support and participation of René Berger, Roy Ascott, Marcos Novak, Joseph Brenner, Dove Bradshaw, Monika Weiss, Francesco Mariotti, Alex Adriaasen, Gonçalo Furtado, Giorgio Alberti, Antonio Cerveira Pinto and William Anastasi - who was not able to travel to the place, but left his energy with us. Luciana, my wife, participated and help since the first moment. The second event, planned for the second semester of 2006 is the Annual Meeting of the European Environmental Tribunal.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta

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