art and science international meeting
low power society and thought strategies
trancoso | portugal | june 21 to 23. 2007
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Jay Kappraff Kappraff is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at NJIT. He is the author of two books, Connections: The Geometric Bridge between Art and Science and Beyond Measure: A Guided Tour through Nature, Myth, and Mathematics both published by World Scientific. Connections was chosen by the National Association of Publishers as the best book in mathematics and science professional and reference in 1991. He is the author of more than fifty papers on a variety of subjects from plasma physics, plant phyllotaxis, music and mathematics, and the relationship between mathematics, art, architecture and design. He is on the editorial board of the Japanese Journal FORMA and edited a special issue on the golden mean and formerly on the editorial board of the Journal of Biological Systems. He created eleven half-hour videotapes on Mathematics of Design that appeared on Cable TV of NJ numerous times and won a CAPE award for best distance learning course in science. He is the originator of an award winning pre-college course in Mathematics and Communications. He is the director of the NJIT Technology and Society Forum Series which has brought 25 events to NJIT in the past three years on topics such as: global climate change, nuclear non-proliferation, sustainable development, electronic voting machines, nanotechnology, beyond oil, alternatives to fossil fuels, loss of American competitiveness, science teaching in the 21st century, and the history of back invention. The forum has also produced four concerts. He is also an amateur violinist and avid chamber music player and tai chi practitioner. 

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