art and science international meeting
low power society and thought strategies
trancoso | portugal | june 21 to 23. 2007
free admitance
Carmen Pardo and Musicologist, Carmen Pardo received her PhD by the University of Barcelona. Researcher in the IRCAM-CNRS (Paris, 1996-1998). She is the author of the edition and translation of John Cage's writings, Escritos al oído (1999), and the author of La escucha oblicua: una invitación a John Cage (2001, translation in Approche à John Cage, 2007) and Robert Wilson (in collaboration with Miguel Morey, 2003). At present she researches on the influence of technologies in Knowledge's production and transmission. She collaborates with Orquestra del Caos for the next Zeppelin's Festival (Barcelona, 2008). 

 Arts, Sciences and Technology.

Foundation - Observatory
direction: emanuel dimas de melo pimenta