art and science international meeting
low power society and thought strategies
trancoso | portugal | june 21 to 23. 2007
free admitance
Leonello Tarabella Tarabella began his musical training as jazz alto-sax player. He earned his degree in Computer Science at the University of Pisa and started his work on computer music under the direction of M° Pietro Grossi. As a researcher he coordinates the activities of the computerART Lab of ISTI/CNR-Research Area of C.N.R. in Pisa, and yearly teaches a computer music course at the Computer Science Facoulty of Pisa University. His research mainly concerns the design and realization of languagues for algorithmic composition and sound processing, and original gestural man/machine interfaces for interactive computer music/graphics performaces. As a musician he composes and performs his own computer music with the systems realized such as in Madrid, Den Haag, Shanghai, Thessaloniki, NewYork, La Habana, Paris, Boston, NewLondon, Barcelona, Dublin, Esbjerg, Venice (La Biennale), Copenhagen, RAI TV... 

 Arts, Sciences and Technology.

Foundation - Observatory
direction: emanuel dimas de melo pimenta