In memory of Patricia Zari and Massimo Riposati
Creative Life
Under the supervision of Lucrezia De Domizio Durini
26-30 June 2015 Bolognano


The World Forum of Art and Culture, an event created in 2003 by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, a scholar and ardent promoter of the thought of Joseph Beuys, will be held in Bolognano, a small town in Italy's Abruzzo region, from June 26th to the 30th.
This Fifth Free International Forum -Creative Life, destined to be the last the series, has as its underlying reference the 5 tubs of the majestic work Olivestone by the German master Joseph Beuys. This year's edition of the Forum shall be presided over by the poet and art historian Arturo Schwarz, founder of the theoretical corpus of Surrealism, while the director will be the Brazilian architect and composer Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, who worked for years with John Cage in New York City and will be presenting the world preview of Vigna ("Vineyard"), a musical and film.
For five days, artists, musicians, curators, critics, architects, poets, journalists and philosophers, both from Italy and abroad, shall meet with the public attending the Forum, to be held, as in previous years, in the medieval burgh of Bolognano, a village dating from the year 1000, now transformed by the Baroness Durini into one of the world's most important open-air museums, centred around the Total Art of Joseph Beuys. This is the beloved site chosen by the renowned German master Joseph Beuys for much of the last fifteen years of his life and work, the place where he created and gave to the world the greatest masterpiece for the improvement of society that the history of art has ever witnessed: the operation entitled Defence of Nature. Lucrezia De Domizio, who worked side by side with Joseph Beuys, has built in his memory, in the large, underground structure that served as the German master's studio, a hypogeum dedicated to contemporary art and thought.
Attending the Forum will be artists and thinkers from all over the world, including the American composer Phill Niblock, one of the creators of minimalist music in the early 60's, Ryoko Adachi from Japan, William Anastasi and Dove Bradshaw from the United States, Marcia Grostein from Brazil, Ge´rard-Georges Lemaire of France, Katherine Liberovskaya from Russia, Ingeborg Lu¨scher of Switzerland, Leonel Moura of Portugal, Verena Stenke & Andrea Pagnes of Germany, Pilar Parcerisas of Spain, Monika Weiss of Poland, Lydia Vernieri of Greece and many other leading figures, both Italian and from abroad. There will also be two permanent installations: Value by V itantonio Russo, the artist-economist who founded Economic-Art and was also known for discussing issues of farming, economics and social affairs with Joseph Beuys, plus Sulla Vigna ("On the Vineyard"), an operation in progress by Marco Bagnoli.
The numerous initiatives scheduled for this international encounter include the opening of the venerable Durini Chapel, where the artists, with their works, and other friends, with their thoughts, will pay tribute to Buby Durini, whom Beuys declared to be his "Italian brother", a man with a deep-rooted humanity and a magical camera lens that was witness to half a century of art throughout the world. In this setting, amidst the performance of the poet-artist Aldo Roda, the music of Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, a recital by tenor Stefano Gagliardi, Andrea Tomasetig will arrive from distant shores with the mysterious Lucrezia's Suitcase for Beuys, while Lucrezia De Domizio Durini's new book, AnteMortem forEver, a work to which no fewer than 38 intellectuals from different disciplines contributed, will be distributed.
Other key parts of the Forum include: Voice in Paradise by the tenor Stefano Gagliardi - films by D'Aniello/Spirito, Fayad, Lu¨cher, Tedeschi/Ligabue and Viani/Durini. The presentation of a new Nocturnal Showcase on the artist Renato Amoruso - a visit to the Palazzo Durini, a renaissance palace, by Lucrezia De Domizio's Collection of Human Relations - the culinary art of Ezio Centini - the "planting" of 30 Stable Signals in the famous Paradise Plantation created by Joseph Beuys - the special historic edition of the Italian art review Arte & Cronaca by Toti Carpentieri, in its thirtieth year.
The poet Gian Ruggero Manzoni will present both the Italian and English versions of Lucrezia De Domizio Durini's new book Arturo Schwarz. The Courage of the Truth. Correlations of empathy - Edizioni LINDAU publishers, Turin - the first publishing house to address the topics raised by Joseph Beuys, as well as the publisher, back in 1984, of Beuys' discussion Defence of Nature.
Of particular note are three exhibitions curated by Giorgio D'Orazio in the historic, recently renovated town hall of Bolognano: The Artists of Silence - 30 unique works; the photographic exhibition Beyond the Image, featuring 20 prestigious photographers; and the exhibition The World of Lucrezia by the photographer Alberto Navarra.
On June 29th the entire day will be devoted to the Project of Peace promoted by UWe Claus and Babeth Mondini VanLoo, together with Jacobus Kloppenburg, Waldo Bien, Carl Giskes, Patrick Healy, Anna Alfons, Alt Trette, Sebastiaan Bien and members of the Free International University, a body presented by Joseph Beuys and presented at the Documenta VI in Kassel in 1977, from throughout the world. The FIU shall bring fifty German, English, American and Dutch cultural figures to Bolognano, all of them tied to Joseph Beuys since the years of their youth.
Further highlights of the Forum include performances by the following artists: Bartoletto, Costanzo, de Champris, Gutman, Morandi, Odoardi, Roda, Rolla, Ruzzi and Zugno, while interdisciplinary works will be presented by Camarra, Carpentieri, D'Alberto-Panarei, De Caro, Grimaldi, Lemaire, Monno, Quarantelli, Russo, Valcalda-Morasso and Vescovo.
Folk music and traditional events will be provided through the close collaboration of Silvina Sarra, the Mayor of Bolognano.
Permanent Performances by Micaela Spinazze` and Tadeusz Karner On the night of June 30th-July 1st the Festival of Creativity will feature: concerts by prestigious contemporary soloists, including Barbetti, Cuoghi, Rapattoni, Serrapiglio, Tarabella, the duo Biondi-Bruniati and the Ruzzi duo; electronic art, films seen for the first time, video art, fashion, performance, dance, culinary art, fireworks and, finally, Marco Bagnoli's intriguing operation Sulla Vigna, all of which will accompany the public to the break of dawn.

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