HOLOTOPIA contemporary experimental music festival intercommunication project at Punta Campanella

The HOLOTOPIA Experimental Contemporary Music Festival was imagined to happen at one of the most formidable and unforgettable places of the world. It is the Campanella, site knew by Homer and by him included in the Odyssey, when Ulysses faced the sirens. But it is also a place that conquered, in definitive terms, Richard Lion's Heart, when he went to combat Saladino.
Between Naples and Salerno, Richard lived some of his most peaceful and enchanted days, even delaying his departure to the Middle East, so amazed he was with the region.
From the high lands, together the profound sea, turned to the magical islands of Capri, aside the majestic renaissance tower, a world opened to the infinite sky, in the centre of Nature, it is created a festival that is oriented to the contemporary music always with a powerful transmediatic approach.
Future and past.
Technology and Nature.
Thus, the historical, geographical and physical characters of the place itself designate the basis for the festival.
Claude Levi-Strauss defended that all sacred has its place.
HOLOTOPIA Experimental Contemporary Music Festival, at the Campanella, between Naples and Salerno, is structured by the most advanced technology and by the intransigent defence of the human values; by a new music emerging in the planet, a music made by composers that choose the silence, the non participation in a world full of corruption, composers who choose to act in a path of sanity, friendship, dedication and love for the art and the Humanity - as, always sagely, has been defended by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini.
The Festival also is characterised by a civilisational opening to the most different cultures, to the most diverse places and societies, like a window opened to everything.
Three main signs design the Festival: transmedia, transculture and transdiscipline. Where the particle trans indicates the spirit of intercommunication.
It does not matter if we are dealing with old or young, from this or that planetary region.
Neither races, beliefs, religions - the important is diversity, the clear cultural critic, the risk, the experience, the intercommunication.
HOLOTOPIA was born after an invitation by Dr. Alberto del Genio, one of the most celebrated scientists, who has dedicated his life to the researches on the digestive system, but also a lover of all arts - ancient and contemporary. Dr.Alberto del Genio
A person with a great sensitivity and love for the Humanity - someone turned both to the past and to the future.
The visual curator is Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, a worldwide famous cultural operator, who collaborated with Joseph Beuys for about twenty years.
Magnificent personage of the world art and culture, author of fifty seven contemporary art books, having already made the most intriguing and fascinating projects in many of the most important museums and art places of the world, Lucrezia De Domizio, Baroness Durini, is not only a marvellous curator. She also gives to the Festival much of its character, much of its life, of its fundamental ideas, of the programmatic coherence. Without any doubt, she represents much of the soul of the whole event.
Lucrezia De Domizio, Baroness Durini
As the first music festival of the Campanella,
HOLOTOPIA born in the twentieth anniversary of the Joseph Beuys' masterwork Difesa Della Natura - Bolognano May 13, 1984 - Campanella July 21, 22 and 23, 2004 - with various events to celebrate the legendary German master.
A Festival made as a place for reflection, a dive into the deepest waters of the civilisational spirit, a meeting point to be happen every year, engaging people, cultures, values, like a powerful
HOLOTOPIA, from which new waves, new planetary references will emerge.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta
Naples, 2004

ASA Art and Technology UK London