HOLOTOPIA contemporary experimental music festival intercommunication project at Punta Campanella PROGRAM

Dr. Jekyll e Mr. X


        July 23 	21:00 TAKEHISA KOSUGI
                                   CATCH-WAVE, 2004 - Electro-acoustic music composed and performed by Takehisa Kosugi
                                      1. SOUTH, e.v. - The word "south" and its phonemes are played for voice and electronic effectors.
                                      2. OP.MUSIC - Light sensitive audio generators and sound sensitive lighting devices are put together for making sound-light/light-sound interaction. 
                                      3. STREAMS, dual version - Triangle waves are performed for modulations through pitch-shifters, delays and complex effectors, making dual streams of electronic wave.
                                      4. CATCH-WAVE, 2004 - Various sound materials, including an electric violin, are played through voltage controlled filters in combination with low frequency triangle wave generators for 4 channel system. The system makes undulations of performed sound in 4 different cyclic movements, producing swaying waves between the 4 channels.

        July 24 	22:00 PHILL NIBLOCK
                                      1. Lucid Sea (20 min, 2003) Lucia Mense, recorders, recorded samples.
                                      2. Sethwork (22 min, 2003) Seth Josel, unamplified guitars played with e-bow, recorded samples.
                                      3. Harm, for cello (22 min, 2003) Arne Deforce, cello, pre-recorded samples.
                                      4. Not Yet Titled (20 min, 2003) Franz Hautzinger, trumpet, pre-recorded samples.
Total time: 84 minutes
                               Images by Phill Niblock:
                                       Video from the "Movement of People Working" series Mexico, Peru, Hong Kong, Hungary

                              24:00 EMANUEL DIMAS DE MELO PIMENTA
                                        DR. JEKYLL AND MR. X - Electroacoustic and digital Concert for the film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, 1932 version directed by Rouben Mamoulian.
                                        (55 min)
Total time: 55 minutes
                                Images by Emanuel Pimenta:
                                         Computer graphic works on the film Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

in celebration of the 20th anniversary of Joseph Beuys' DIFESA DELLA NATURA
Bolognano May 13 1984 - Campanella July 22 2004


          July 23	18:00
                              Who is Joseph Beuys - by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini and Antonio d'Avossa (in Italian)
                              The True Mimesis - Massimo Doná (in Italian)
                 PLANTATION of an Oak, remembering the 7000 Oaks in Kassel
                 POETRY - Difesa Della Natura by Aldo Roda (in Italian)
                 THE SCULPTURE IN THE NATURE - artwork by Renzo Tieri
                 VIDEO - Trilogy Difesa Della Natura - Olivestone: DIARY OF SEYCHELLES 1980 (2004)
                 IMAGES by Buby Durini
                 Beuys Voice - VISUAL and MUSICAL CREATION by Umberto Petrin

Coordinazione - Raffaella Morra
ASA Art and Technology UK London