HOLOTOPIA contemporary experimental music festival intercommunication project at Punta Campanella


In this year we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Beuys' Difesa della Natura.
Joseph Beuys' Difesa della Natura is the most important work of the world art history, the last slogan created by the German Master, in Italy, in his last 15 years of life, with the constant collaboration of Lucrezia De Domizio and the magic eye of Buby Durini.
Beuys' DIFESA DELLA NATURA is not only about ecology but, most important, it is to take in its anthropological sense: DEFENSE OF THE HUMAN, of the HUMAN VALUES, of CREATIVITY - an important question present in all over the planet nowadays.

In July 23, 18:00, the HOLOTOPIA Festival is started. Professor Alberto del Genio celebrates Joseph Beuys, one of the most emblematic personages of the world art history after the Second War, with the event BEUYS VOICE. An event that recalls the ideas of re-appropriation and free creativity, that are two main and unique concepts created by Beuys.

In the conference Who is Joseph Beuys, take part Prof. Antonio d'Avossa, from the Brera Academy, curator of several exhibitions and an expert on Beuys works, and Lucrezia De Domizio Durini. Joseph Beuys - The True Mimesis is also the title of Massimo Doná's book on Joseph Beuys, published in 2004.
Professor del Genio will plant an Oak, remembering the 7000 Oaks of Kassel.
The poet and artist Aldo Roda will read three poems, from a book specially created for this occasion.
The Sculpture in the Nature is the work - made with old stones, crystal and burnt oil - specially created by the artist Renzo Tieri. Prof. Antonio d'Avossa will present this work.
The jazz pianist and composer Umberto Petrin will close this celebration with his work Beuys Voice, recalling the whole homage to Joseph Beuys: Sculptor of Forms, Sculptor of Souls.

                            Lucrezia De Domizio Durini

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