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International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry


Symmetry, a concept coined by the Greeks more than two millenia ago, has since accompanied all aspects of geometric and mathematical thought. It is central in classical arts and art-related theory. Symmetry estab-lished and forced itself on the thought and philosophy of western science, to proclaim its modern era. It was exhaustively researched and defined in the previous century (in mathematics and crystallography), following the recognition of the central role of the concept of structure, along with its spatial connotations and nature.

We came to realize that we can perceive anything only when we perceive its structure and we think by structural analogy and comparison.... The mystery that remains lies largely in the nature of structural hier-archy for the human mind can examine nature on many different scales sequentially but not simultaneously. (C. S. Smith, passed away Honorary Member of ISIS-Symmetry)