marcos novak

Marcos Novak is a transarchitect, artist, and theorist investigating the tectonics of technologically augmented space. Widely regarded as a pioneer of virtual architecture and as the leading proponent of the idea that virtual environments constitute an autonomous but fully architectural spac in a new, unprecedented non-local public domain, he is the author of numerous publications on the poetics of cyberspace and has the originated the internationally recognized concepts of 'transarchitectures', 'liquid architectures', 'extreme intermedia' and others. His work seeks to combine non-Euclidean conceptions of space with aspects of algorithmic emergence and morphogenesis. He lectures worldwide and is Visiting Associate Professor of Architecture at UCLA.

http://www.aud.ucla.edu/~marcos email marcos@aud.ucla.edu UCLA - Architecture and Urban Design 1317 Perloff Hall, Los Angeles, CA 90025 phone 310.206.3014 fax 310.825.8959

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