stephen perrella

Stephen Perrella is an architect and editor/designer at the Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation (GSAP) with Bernard Tschumi. There he produces both NEWSLINE and COLUMBIA DOCUMENTS OF ARHITECTURE AND THEORY. He has taught architecture and theory at various universities in the United States and has lectured internationally. He is President of HyperSurface Systems, Inc., a 3d world wide web site design firm. Stephen Perrella began exploring the relationship between architecture and information in 1991 on Silicon Graphics workstations. In the context of that speculation he focused on the dynamics of incommensurate relations between form and image as a formative method for a critique of representation that he has developed into a discourse called "hypersurface." Among the facets of this theoretical construct include topologies that emerge from interstitial, ambiguous relations between sign and form. Since that time, topological strategies in architecture have become a dominant trend stemming from both a rising, general interest in the discourse of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari, but also through new forms made possible by animation and particle based computer software. Design associates: Dennis Pang, Rebecca Carpenter and Paul Cumming.



email sp43@columbia.edu Columbia University GSAP Office of Publications 1172 Amsterdam Ave. 403 Avery Hall New York, New York 10027 phone: 212-854-5885 fax: 212-8649913

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