emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
locarno | july 30 - august 15 | 2005
la rotonda di piazza castello
Rinaldo Bianda avait compris que l'avenir est le fait de ceux qui, non pas le subissent, mais le construisent... René Berger


Zyklus was composed in 2005, in New York City, in memory of Rinaldo Bianda, for the concert in Locarno.
It is a complex musical composition, using virtual reality scores.
Zyklus resulted from musical research on New York urban sounds as well as on the music created in Siberian steps, Amazonian forests, Tibetan mountains and Asian islands in Pacific Ocean.
Its complex structure creates a sound landscape for meditation and reflection.
More than two hundred hours of recordings at music laboratory in New York and about five months of research provided a composition that questions the Western classical music tradition, operating with microtones, chance, stochastic systems, floating clouds of sound sets, and a subversion of conventional cognitive structures.
Zyklus deals with discovery in a music that is permanent change.
Logical traps.
The concert will be continuously performed at the La Rotonda di Piazza Castello between July 30 and August 15, 2005.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta
New York - Locarno, 2005

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Rinaldo Bianda


Emanuel Pimenta

Plan of the piazza

The text by René Berger on Rinaldo Bianda (in French)



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