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For this feeling of wonder shows that you are a philosopher, since wonder is the only beginning of philosophy.
Plato (Theaetetus)


The word aiw is the Indo-European root (prehistoric linguistic set) that generated the Greek term aion

- idea of total time, period of existence of something, which in its plural gave us the idea of eternity.

A present eternity. This root generated our expression eon, which means an indefinite period of time.
The AIW Project is a virtual meeting and observational point regarding what we are. As a meeting point,

it is also a place for exchanging ideas, impressions... a true forum.
This project has some criteria:
- There is no room for questions related to institutional religions of any kind, that is, to proselytism.
- Likewise, there is no room for other types of proselytism, such as ideological or others.
- It is a meeting point, which puts us - people from the most different cultures, languages and beliefs

- facing a same question: ourselves.
- The curator will not respond to comments... just because he has no enough time.
- It is a project open to all.
- In principle, every day there will be something new in the project. An invitation to everyone, upon waking up,

to find a surprise. It is a way for us all to share discoveries and enchantments.
- The base language is English - because this project is part of the Observatory for the Future of Humanity.

But, as you will see, the contents often transcend the language issue.
Become a member, invite friends. AIW is a cultural experience to be shared!

No matter where you are on the planet, we will always be connected, daily.



observatory for the future of humanity
HERA - the light of woman

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