Observatory for the Future of Humanity

HERA Project
city of Cascais, Portugal
direction: emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

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HERA Project
Started in 2019, the Observatory for the Future of Humanity is a project created, directed and curated by Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, integrated in the HERA Project, created and directed by Marianela Mirpuri.
The goal of the Observatory is to be an instrument of freedom and independence for people through free manifestation of thought, diversity of information, culture, art, science, against any kind of censorship, tyranny, any dictatorship or totalitarian system.
The Observatory for the Future of Humanity does not intend to change the world, but to give people information free from ideological, religious, sectarian, and partisan political ties, so that they can permanently question themselves, human relations, and manifestations of power.
The Observatory for the Future of Humanity is, therefore, a project under the sign of freedom - in the sense of respect, memory, culture, and in the sense of freedom as a right that goes till the other's right begins, in a process of individual consciousness and responsibility.
In 2020, the book Bird of Liberty and an edition of digital prints were published as part of its activities. Also in 2020, the AIW Facebook Group was created, which quickly counted with about five hundred members. And in late 2020, the online AIW TV Channel was launched, integrated in HERA TV.
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