Observatory for the Future of Humanity

HERA Project
city of Cascais, Portugal
direction: emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

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HERA Project

HERA is a project I created some years ago. Initially born as a movement dedicated to women all over the world, HERA actually is acting worldwide in the field of women dimension; always respecting the woman as a special sensitivity and as a bright dimension of intelligence. Soon it became clear to me that in fact it was a project for the good of Humanity.

In 2018 I invited Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta, whom I admire as a person, as a friend and as a professional, to create a planetary observatory, an entity in which new ideas from the most diverse disciplines, from the most different cultures, could come together, generating new dimensions of human knowledge. Emanuel Pimenta has been involved in this kind of projects since the 1980s.

Every year the Observatory for the Future of Humanity will join at the magnificent city of Cascais, in Portugal, some of the most amazing thinkers of the world. Thanks to Covid-19 the OFH program was postponed to 2021 and beyond. But other events will happen! You are invited to attend these magical moments! We are waiting for you!

Marianela Mirpuri
HERA Project - President

In 1987 I started working with René Berger, Rinaldo Bianda and his son the photographer Lorenzo Bianda at the first
worldwide festival of video and electronic art, in Locarno, Switzerland. That festival included an international
transdisciplinary meeting, which Berger callled a "planetary Observatory".
There we had marvelous people, like Nam June Paik, Francis Ford Copolla, Tim Berners-Lee, Pierre Levy, Madeleine Gobeil,
Philippe Queau, Edgar Morin, Joseph Brenner, Bsarab Nicolescu, Daniel Charles, Pierre Restany and many more. 
It was a place of discovery!
René Berger was one of my best friends in life and I could never forget him. 
In the deepest of my soul, the Observatory for the Future of Humanity is, is a personal hommage to an unforgetable friend.
All my thanks to Marianela Mirpuri for her so kind and sensitive invitation.
I hope the Observatory will develop greatly over the years,  and I sincerely thanks for everyone participation.
In 2020, with the Covid-19 virus, we lived a true destruction of our lives - everything became forbidden: many travels,
parties, exhibitions, concerts, kisses... the human became threatened. The only way to recover our economy (because economy
is human) is to first recover our human dimension, our love for art, for knowledge, for culture  - which, in last instance, 
is the knowledge of ourselves. Without that, our civilization will be lost. 
The Observatory has the function, within its limitations, to make each one of us into an observer,
and through the wonder recall who we are, projecting a new Renaissance.

Emanuel Pimenta
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Emanuel Pimenta

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