Observatory for the Future of Humanity
Cascais 2020
HERA International


Every day we see the emergence of new scientific discoveries, the emergence of complex economic, geo-strategic, financial structures, changes in old social values, new media, a dizzying acceleration of information, scientific discoveries heralding new horizons for life, alarming discoveries regarding the environment and biodiversity.
The dizzying wave of change, with signs of all nature, causes people to wonder about the future, people, future generations and the planet.
The future depends on us. It belongs to the new world that announces itself every day.
The Observatory for the Future of Humanity is an integral part of Hera-International, a non-profit institution created and directed by Marianela Mirpuri, based in Lisbon, which legally incorporates the Hera movement and future Hera cities.
The HERA movement started approximately twenty years ago, albeit informally, with the aim of raising awareness on the importance of women sensitivity.
Hera is a non-governmental cooperation development organization, with no political, racial, religious or philosophical leaning, aimed at promoting active global civic interventions in the areas of the defence of peace, economic development, the environment and an energetically sustainable human society, reciprocal knowledge and tolerance between peoples and cultures, the pursuit of human development, poverty reduction through good governance and research and scientific development - as laid out in its statutes.
The HERA Movement materializes itself in a physical space: the HERA city arises in honour of women and the future of humanity.
Although HERA is a vast project for the good of human beings in general, the Observatory for the Future of Humanity is an independent development, even though it is integrated, constituting a synergistic force.
The Observatory for the Future of Humanity also aims to lay the foundations for the creation of the HERA Institute for Advanced Studies, which will be located outside Portugal.



The Observatory for the Future of Humanity has its main offices in Cascais.
With one of the best climates in the world, a highly valued cuisine, a history of almost seven hundred years, Cascais has become one of the main business tourism destinations in Portugal in the 21st century, as well a meeting place for knowledge and cultural exchange, enhancing the culture and spirit of discovery.


The Observatory

The word observatory - closely linked to the observation of astronomical phenomena, the cosmos - arises from the Latin observeare, to "observe" in Portuguese, which in turn arises from the fusion of the Latin particle ob - with the meaning of "towards" or "upon something ", and from the old Indo-European root *ser (a prehistoric linguistic ensemble that disappeared about twenty thousand years ago) which indicated the idea of "protecting".
The ancient etymological meaning of the word observatory literally tells us something "oriented towards protection".
Thus, in a way unexpected by many, the idea of the observatory has, at its earliest roots, the principle of caring, of healing, which inevitably implies the future.
But that does not mean that it is any kind of futurology. On the contrary! One takes care of the future by understanding the present more deeply - particularly what, at the present time, is change, discovery and invention.
In this way, the idea of an Observatory for the Future of Humanity indicates a precise concept: a place, group of people, who observe and analyse the elements of the present that could have an impact on future reality. It can also happens online, thorugh a cloud of information for observation, as it happens in the AIW Project.
A multidisciplinary complex constitutes all reality.
Thus, the Observatory will be characterized not only by the meeting of various disciplines, but also by thinkers from different cultures and places of the world.
It is about International Meetings, open to the public, where communicability, open interaction with the audience, the high cultural level - not being pedantic - could establish a landmark in Cascais.
At those International Meetings, texts and materials will be produced with the purpose of being published and distributed internationally.


AIW Project

AIW is an Indo-European word, which generated the Greek aion - indicating vital force, a period of existence, a lifetime. It is the root of "eon". Part of the Observatory for the Future of Humanity, online, it happens as a virtual meeting point for observation.