Nightwalker, magus,
And their entourage,
Bacchants and mystics
Of the wine press,
With stained faces
And damp wits...

Translated by Brooks Haxton

emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

experimental intermedia foundation

9 PM | friday | december 3 | 2004

224 centre street | new york 10013 ny | 3rd floor | 212 4315127 | 212 4316430

The musical composition titled ABELL2218 was made in 2004. Using digital systems, the piece has only a movement, lasting for about forty minutes. It works with some aspects of our short and long term memories. Not only, it brings some subtle logical breaks from vocal chords and other sounds. Subtle logical games. The concert also has a continuous projection of computer graphics, worked on the planet Earth and human designs. Some time ago I was reading - for the second or third time - an old book by Edward T. Hall - who I always admired, very much. I've been used to read two, three or more times books that represented something special in my life. And I love books. I have some thousands of them. I have them as true virotic batteries of ideas, or also nanoparticles of an alive being we commonly call culture. In that old book by Edward Hall he mentioned a fascinating phenomenon - that so strongly has attracted me since many years: the idea that, in one or other way, we are synchronised each other, specially when we are talking, communicating. I took music as a co-ordination generator of such synchrony, like the Mesopotamian believed, thousands of years ago. But, if we could break the elements of synchrony, subtly but consistently, together with the logical order of the musical piece a vital, metabolic element is strongly changed. Something would appear from that biological mutation, and surely some questions related to our own collective relationship will appear, even if in a non verbal world, without words. The title of this piece was took from an interesting sidereal phenomenon. Abell 2218 is commonly known as a galaxy cluster lens. The most distant cluster of galaxies yet measured is located about three billion light-years away in the northern of the constellation Draco. It works like a lens. In a certain way, breaking synchronies we produce something like a lens - because we only know ourselves in limit situations. The projected computer images were made on three sets of photos: satellite images of our small spaceship Earth and two other sets - the American Civil War, around the year of 1865; and the Second World War, in the decade of 1940.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta
New York, 2004

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