Since some years ago ASA Art and Technology has received several requests for information about books on art, culture and technology. A such fact shows that our environment is no longer that of the 19th century's literary society. Now, the most important is to know the path on the information. So, ASA Art and Technology invited the architect and musician Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta to create a selected bookstore. The first section to be opened is dedicated to architecture. ASA Art and Technology and are associated in this project - you buy your selected books by the exactly same price offered by and you also have all the same conditions in payment forms, security of server and delivery options.

If you have a suggestion, if you are a publisher, or an author, and your book is in but it is not listed in the ASA Art and Technology Bookstore, please, send a copy to ASA Art and Technology - Lisbon: Rua Tierno Galvan, 3 - 709, 1070 Lisbon, Portugal, a/c. Department of Books.
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Formed in 1988, ASA Art and Technology is a British company dedicated to art, culture and technology projects. Its aim is also related to the coordination of high repertoire projects in several areas, like architecture, music, philosophy and photography, always under a transmedia and transdisciplinary approach.