emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

Emanuel Pimenta started working on photography in early 1970s. In 1977 he won the Brazilian Marketing Prize. After that moment, he moved from marketing to architecture and music - but always working with photography. In the last thirty years Emanuel Pimenta has developed several photographic projects. Amerika 2 is focused on urban and country environments in North and South America. Souls is a large photographic essay of portraits focused on people who, in some way, were close to him, like Hans Joachim Koellreutter, John Cage, Merce Cunningham, Ornette Coleman, Baroness Durini, Mario Merz, Pierre Restany, Vilanova Artigas, Hermeto Pascoal, Arthur Loeb, Harald Szeemann, William Anastasi, Dove Brasdhaw, Marcia Grostein, Maria Bonomi and many others. This project has been exhibited in diverse countries and was partially published on cd-rom, in 2001. In 1980s Emanuel Pimenta had a Zen master in the Brazilian forests - from those moments he made an interesting photo essay that can be partially saw in this site. He also made a long essay, in various years, about the city of Sao Paulo, where he was born in 1957. Some of his various essays - in Japan, Africa, Bangladesh, Europe, North and South America - can be saw in the photographic ebooks in this site. His photographic archives for exhibitions and publications counted with about one hundred thousand photos in 2005. One of his largest photographic works is Metamorphosis - the Skin of the Planet, on spaces created or changed by the humankind in the whole world. Metamorphosis is not exactly about photography on architecture, in its conventional sense, but yes about shadows, colours, textures created or changed by the humankind in the most diverse societies. This project was the base for the creation of one of the first virtual museums of the world, in 1995, by the National Computational Network of Portugal. Practically all of his photography essays, like New York 2007 or Casa Blu, created on a masterwork by Mario Bottinelli Montandon, are untouched images, not using any external resource like photoshop - the images are exactly like in the negatives. Since the 1970s Emanuel Pimenta also has developed essays and projects on experimental photography, one of them in homage to Carlotta Corpron.

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