Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta MUSIC FOR JOHN CAGE (2003) audio cd



One. Just one. And simple. A simple is simple. Even dumb. As regards intake we must be a sponge; as regards output, a laser.

William Anastasi

MUSIC FOR JOHN CAGE is a collection of pieces created by Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta dedicated to John Cage, his friend, during his life time. There are four pieces: Music for Frogs and Crickets, Cage, Sun and Mesostic. Music for Frogs and Crickets, ellaborated with sounds recorded in Brazilian forests, was composed in 1984. The score was structured on a motet by Guillaume de Machault (1300-1377). Cage, dated of 1986 was composed using a virtual structure of sound transformations on urban sounds recorded during a whole day in Lisbon. Sun, with two movements, was created in 1987 after the scientific data of the sound waves emmited by the Sun. And Mesostic, dated of 1991, a few months before Cage's disappearance, works with the air of his breath. These pieces were performed at the MART Rovereto and Trento Contemporary Art Museum, in Italy.

ASA-CMC110 | 65'24"
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