Renzo Tieri is an artist - a philosopher hidden in the mountains. Someone who is far from everything and, surprisingly, on the edge of the civilisational hurricane. Far and, at the same time, in the centre. A shaman of the 21st century, reflecting and questioning the form, the perception, the human being. A point where human values are projected on light, temperature, texture, space. He works with wind, light, invisible things. His works are a reflection of his very first work. He was discovered by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini and by Joseph Beuys. Renzo Tieri is a free man, an enlightened soul, walking in his mountains, a silent artist as Lucrezia De Domizio calls him. A great artist.

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta


Tieri is a singular interpreter. The artist, showing the essence of sculptural language that always offers his word of origin, which inevitably finds in the sacred its root. And from this silence he invites us to recall the sound of the live language of the sculpture.

Antonio d'Avossa


Renzo Tieri - landscape. In the concept of landscape it resounds, more than the natural context, the sense of an existence always human, too human; also, so said, it really is the place of this later form of existence.

Massimo Donà


Renzo Tieri is an artist of the Silence, the silence as fundamental part of his intellectual and quotidian life. Every gesture, every act lives the interpretation and the elaboration of a daily practice turned to the constant dive in that zone of the body Aristotle calls the Form of the Soul. His work is social, environmental, human. A solitary and silent trip that constantly evokes an ethical and social approach where the respect to the time marks his personal evolution. In all of Renzo Tieri's works one can read a message about the human while thinker.

Lucrezia De Domizio Durini


Renzo Tieri lived as testimony the great adventure of Joseph Beuys, he also saw the emergence of the synthetic concept of the casa di lucrezia. He experimented the passage of the artists, of the history, of the art. His works are discourses in three parts. Renzo Tieri selects the old stones as geographical basis; then, he joins the crystal, mental purity, opening element about an enlarged view of the being… the third part of his discourse is turned to our contemporary. They are elements without secret, that Renzo Tieri gives to art while message of integrity.

Pierre Restany

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