renzo tieri
brief biography

Renzo Tieri born and works in Bolognano, in the mountains, near Pescara. From 1970 to 1975 participated in the direction of the art gallery 818. He meets Joseph Beuys in 1974, in Pescara. In 1976 we works with Beuys in the work Aratura Biologica, in San Silvestri Colli. In 1980 we works with Beuys in the Piantagione Paradise. In 1984, also with Beuys, he works in the Olivestone work, exhibited at the F.I.A.C. in Paris, in the Castello di Rivolli, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea, and now at the Kunsthaus of Zurich. Until now he collaborates with Lucrezia De Domizio, Baroness Durini, in some of her various projects around the world.