a floating island for lisbon
emanuel dimas de melo pimenta
the great estuary

lisbon | 2005
galeria de arte contemporânea quadrum
november | 30 | 2005 | 18:30

the Tagus river estuary

images of the project


Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta's text

António Cerveira Pinto's text

The Great Estuary

Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta's site

In 2005, Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta is invited by Antonio Cerveira Pinto to elaborate a floating megastructure in the magnificent estuary of the Tagus river, in Lisbon. Amores (Loves), the magic island is part of the project The Great Estuary - transdisciplinar project looking to remake the urban fabric around the Tagus river estuary with the objective to create a city free of the use of petroleum. This project is part of the programs for the candidature of Lisbon to the 2020 Olympic Games. The floating island, a gigantic system of interchangeable modules, can be expanded or even be moved, totally or in parts, to practically any place of the great estuary and will exclusively use renewable energies. The development of this big projectm, as well as the definition of its multiple uses, will be under the responsibility of groups formed by young architects, engineers, urban planners, ecologists, sociologists, artists and thinkers, in the context of the Great Estuary. The floating island for Lisbon is named Amores (Loves), to celebrate the legendary Renaissance Portuguese poet Luis Vaz de Camões.

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