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Creative Life
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Curated by Lucrezia De Domizio Durini
President: Arturo Schwarz
Director: Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta                        

Trustees - Marco Bagnoli - Toti Carpentieri - Gérard-Georges Lemaire - Gian Ruggero Manzoni - Pilar Parcerisas - Vitantonio Russo - Pierparide Tedeschi.

26 - 30 June 2015
Bolognano (Pescara/Italy)

The Reasons Behind a "Cultural Project"


We have reached the FIFTH and LAST FORUM.

In the years since the death of the German master Joseph Beuys, we have made an intensive effort to transform the small town of Bolognano into a site emblematic of international culture and art.

Despite the cultural, intellectual and moral crisis that holds the entire planet in its grasp, there are still men who see FREE CREATIVITY as the only way to live in peace with themselves and to act in accordance with the fundamental principles of Humankind and Mother Nature. Thanks to this very outlook, a "network of steel" has developed over the years, constantly welcoming new disciplines and explorations, figures of different nationalities and generations, all united by a free, undiminished "creativity" that translates into deep, unfettered knowledge, giving rise to transactions governed by a supportive, unconstrained collaboration. Such men, with their unstinting, unceasing work, their wise and independent efforts, move beyond the standard systems of consumer society, striving through their conduct - the one effective means of Communicating the Truth - to improve society.

The Fifth Free International Forum is dedicated to these CREATIVE PEOPLE.

We have decided to "conclude" this inspiring project - on the conceptual note of the number 5 - with a reflection on the rich symbolic contents of Beuys' work OLIVESTONE: namely the Concrete Universe and the Alchemy of Art.

Each individual can view the results from his or her own perspective, but what has been built over the years in Bolognano is a plastic model of practicality and truth, and specifically the Truth that, by moving beyond SYSTEMS, it becomes possible to live and to love realty.

This is why the FIFTH FREE INTERNATIONAL FORUM is dedicated to Creativity in the Place of Nature, where the History of an open, unconventional view of Art and Culture also serves as a message for posterity, providing irrefutable evidence of the 'seeds' that have been sown with passion and courage, so as to improve Society.

My aim in holding this fifth and last Forum in the Paradise Plantation - THE PLACE OF NATURE - in Bolognano is to set in motion a joyous celebration in which everyone feels free to be themselves, creating magical moments that transform this "Place" into an exclusive dream true to the two fundamental concepts of the Master Joseph Beuys:

- The Free and Creative Energy possessed by all people of the Earth.

- The Free and Caring Collaboration between different societies and cultures: his famous Living Sculpture.

My deepest gratitude goes to the ARTISTS and REMARKABLE INDIVIDUALS with whom, over more than 30 years, I have created an 'ethical network' true to the principles that have always served as the foundation for our common efforts, far removed from any form of compromise. We have persevered through the sheer force of Creative Energy, Willpower and Integrity, creating a PLACE in the Spirit of Total Art, a friend of Time, within a Time that lies outside of our Times: an historic example and a message in which




Lucrezia De Domizio Durini
Emanuel Pimenta
Arturo Schwarz




General Program

Program International Free University
Exhibition - The Artists of the Silence
Photo exhibition - Beyond Image
Video and Electronic Art
Program of the House of the Music
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The Historic Heart of Bolognano
The Night Display Windows 
The Sky House by Mario Bottinelli Montandon
The House of Art by Federico Zari
The House of Poetry by Peter Uhlmann
The Paradise Plantation
Beuys' Studio 
Remembering Buby Durini 
The Piccione Grottos
Lucrezia De Domizio Durini
Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta  
Arturo Schwarz
Franco Zeffirelli
Marco Bagnoli
Toti Carpentieri
Phill Niblock
Ezio Centini
Renato Amoruso
Aldo Roda
Alberto Navarra
Andrea Tomasetig
Leonello Tarabella
Ciro d'Aniello
Maurizio Barbetti
Debora and Paola Brunialti
Katherine Liberovskaya
Francesco Cuoghi
Marco Rapattoni
Noemi Loi
Alberto Serrapiglio
Ingeborg Lúscher
Giorgio D'Orazio
Marco Appicciafuoco
Daniela Appicciafuoco
Regia Cristina Fayad
Joseph Beuys
Mario Bottinelli Montandon
Nathalie Brauld
Bruno Ceccobelli
Antonio Ciariello
Estelle Cortois
Silvano Costanzo
Olivier de Chambris
Gino De Dominicis
Angelo Cortese
Gerardo Dicrola
Antonio Noia
Dagmar Dost-Nolden
Ping Li
Gian Ruggero Manzoni
Emilio Morandi
Franca Morandi
Giovanna Negri
Patrizia Mollinari
Gaia Riposati
Ezio Quarantelli
Massimo Orsini
Domenico Pievani
Filippo Rolla
Vitantonio Russo
Claudio Sarmiento
Stefano Soddu
Renzo Tieri
Gérard-Georges Lemaire  
Gian Ruggero Manzoni
Pilar Parcerisas
Vitantonio Russo
Roberto d'Alessandro
Marco Ligabue
Pierparide Tedeschi
Maurizio De Caro
Katherine Liberovskaya
Leonel Moura
Stefano Odoardi
Alfredo Camarra
Paolo Pinto
Paolo Spirito
Saverio Monno
Dino Viani
Maurizio Ruzzi
Stefano Gagliardi
Al Margolis
Andrea Valcalda
Adrian Northover
Verena Stenke
Andrea Pagnes
Antonio Barros
Antonio Cerveira Pinto
Antonio de Sousa Dias
Marité Bortoletto
Marisa Vescovo
Artur Matuck
Augusto de Campos
Cid Campos
Olivier de Champris
Claudia Lima
Daniel Barbiero
Dove Bradshaw
Ernesto de Melo e Castro
Fernand Léger
Gabriel Borba
Greg Garvey
Peter Uhlmann
Hiroyuki Maruyama
Iria Arriaga
Juvenal Pereira
Laura Pimenta
Lucas Böttcher
Lydia Venieri
Marcia Grostein
Maria Bonomi
Marta Alvim
Michel Collet
Monika Weiss
Nathalie Douillard
Paul Amlehm
Reto Rigassi
Rita Varlesi
Rosa Cohen
Ryoko Adachi
Sean Kiely
Silvestre Pestana
Valentine Verhaeghe
William Anastasi
Wilton Azevedo
Riccardo Bagnoli
Silvano Costanzo
Ezra Nahmad
Ivan d'Alberto
Sibilla Panerai
Ettore Grimaldi
Alessandro Ferrara
Susanna Winderlen
Gian Luca Stuard
Babeth Mondini VanLoo
Eliane Gomperts
George Antheil
U We Claus
Jacobus Kloppenburg
Waldo Bien
Carl Giskes
Catherina Giskes
Patrick Healy
Anna Tretter
Eliane Gomperts
Alfons Alt
Sebastiaan Bien
Isabelle Tripelon

Lucrezia Farina
Sara Giuliani
Sergio Riccardi
Gianluca Scalpellino
Luciano di Biase
Lucrezia De Domizio Durini, Bolognano - Paris 
February 2015 -

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