Towards the end of the 1970s I started to work on a project for the creation of a virtual planet - it was called WOIKSED. At that times, technology did not permit to create directly for net. I imagined how it would be in the day when net would be enough developed to create a whole planet inside net. At that times the only references I had were about ARPANET and other systems. The aim was to ellaborate a virtual planet with easy and free access to everyone. Since then, I have spent more than fifteen years working on buildings, landscapes, making almost all type of simulations, printings, drawings, preparing the planet for technology. Initially using AutoCad, 3DS etc. and later VRML, etc. So, a three dimensional planet was created, with buildings, streets, roads, large squares, with a new conception of urban planning and a new iconology. WOIKSED is one of the first trans-sensorial interactive games, constantly in progress and oposed to violence. It is not a base or commerce, advertisement or other profit oriented profile. It is an aesthetical experience in permanent mutation. Not only visual objects but also sound and tactile sensations are expected to be inside it. The name WOIKSED is origined from two Indo European roots, that mean, respectivelly, people together (and that generated "village") and seed. However the author of the first spaces was a single person, the future is opened - the first contributor for WOIKSED is the Swiss sculptor Francesco Mariotti. He created a wonderful virtual sculpture for the planet, which can be appreciated inside it. Everyone is invited to walk there. However, this VRML version does not represent the whole already created planet. The complete planet still is too heavy for a daily use with small machines. My aim never was to use heavy work stations, but yes light computers, to make possible for everyone to enter and to walk in. Next step will be to include architectural, sculptural and spatial projects made by everyone who wish to do it (Francesco Mariotti started to do it). Everyone will be invited to send his or her own building, sculpture, space, intervention, image and so on. The future of the planet will be an experience of life outside current life. If the planet will survive or not to people still is a mistery. Until now we don't have enough technology to know that. But WOIKSED is waiting for.

emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

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