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As architect, Emanuel Pimenta coined the concept of virtual architecture in 1980; in that same year starts the first virtual planet in history - anticipating projects like Second Life in more than twenty years; has developed an intensive research on neurosciences, space-time cognition, Theory of Thought (Semiotics), Virtual Reality and cyberspace applied on architecture and urban planning. Since 2000 he develops space architecture studies and design.

As composer, legendary musicians like David Tudor, Takehisa Kosugi, John Tilbury, Christian Wolff, Martha Mooke, John DS Adams, Maurizio Barbetti, Michael Pugliese, Umberto Petrin, Susie Georgetis, Audrey Riley, Francesco Cuoghi, Marco Rappatoni and the Manhattan Quartet among others have performed his compositions. His concerts have been performed in some of the most prestigious theatres all over the world, like the Lincoln Center and The Kitchen in New York City; the Opera Garnier, the Opera Bastille or the Theatre de La Ville in Paris; the Shinjuku Bunka Center in Tokyo; la Fenice in Venice; the Montpellier Municipal Theatre and the Aix en Provence Festival in France; the MASP Modern Art Museum in São Paulo; the Biennale of Venice and the Biennale of São Paulo among others. His concerts of music integrating visual art have been performed in various countries in the last thirty-five years. Both on architecture and music, and also photography, his works have been exhibited and are part of important collections, like the Biennale of Venice, the Biennale of Sao Paulo, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Streaming Museum of New York, the Whitney Museum of New York, the Cultural Centre of Sao Paulo, MASP - the Museum of Modern Art of Sao Paulo Assis Chateaubriand, MART - Contemporary and Modern Art Museum of Rovereto and Trento, the Kunsthaus Zürich and the Cyber Art Museum of Seattle, among many others. See bellow some of his concerts, exhibitions, lectures and events. Only a few of his concerts were registered on video - to see some of them click here.

Some of his works can be found bellow, please click on the images:

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60,000 Years of Art and Neuroaesthetics Batalha Lecture 2017
IoT Internet of Things New Art Fest '2017 Lisbon
O HOMEM GAFANHOTO conferência IED Istituto Europeo di Design
Fabrications . Ballet de Lorraine Contemporary Art Museum Chicago Walker Art Center Minneapolis 2017
ShortWaves 1985 . SBbr 1984-1985 / 2017 Minneapolis - Chicago
Birdman Palazzo Zenobio 2017 during the Biennale di Venezia
T E R R A Audrey Riley . solo cello 2017 De Montfort University Leicester UK
LUCREZIA A Volcanic Voyage in Art Venice, Italy, 2017
DECAMERON CASA MORRA - Contemporary Art Naples, Italy, 2016
The Infinite of Architecture Biennale di Venezia Palazzo Mora, 2016
UIRA - Orbital Olympic Village Biennale di Venezia Palazzo Michiel, 2016
ALMEIDA the movie FESTin 2016, Lisboa
ADAMASTOR New Art Fest '16 - Web Summit Lisboa, Portugal, 2016
Merce Cunningham City Center Theater New York, 2016
METAMORPHOSIS opera EIF New York 2016
ShortWaves 1985 + SBbr 30 Years New York 2016
René Berger Knight of the Invisible 2016
VIRTUS - Design of the Infinite House-Museum Medeiros e Almeida Lisbon, Portugal, 2015
ARCHITECTS Photo Exhibition and Book Lisbon, Portugal, 2015
One Hundred Years with Koellreutter USP, MuBE, Mackenzie Brazil, 2015
Imprecise and Paradoxical Koellreutter Centennial USP São Paulo, 2015
As Time Goes By Koellreutter Centennial Museum of Sculpture, Brazil, 2015
Free International Forum World Art Forum Bolognano, Italy, 2015
VIGNA concert + movie World Art Forum Bolognano, Italy, 2015
René Berger 100 Years Knight of the Invisible World World Art Forum Bolognano, Italy, 2015
TEN CHI JIN Mackenzie University São Paulo, Brazil, 2015
Un Coup de Dés OUT OFF Theater Milan, Italy, 2015
VOYAGER66 Experimental Intermedia New York 2014
YOU ARE William Anastasi Geneva 2015
EPAS Mykonos Biennale 2015
42°13'33.3"N 13°57'33.3"E Free International Forum Bolognano, Italy, 2015
UIRA 2011 - 2016 Orbital Olympic Village OFFICIAL WEBSITE
UIRA 2014 NUTAU USP . São Paulo . 2014
UIRA 2011 NUTAU USP Miami Dade College
DARK MATTER Milano, Italia . 2014
ACTAMEDIA Concerts Lisbon . 2014
ACTAMEDIA Lisbon . Coimbra . 2014
MUSICA . MUSIC Lisbon . São Paulo . 2014
Ampliterra 1 Pimenta . Matuck . MuBE . 2014
The Matter of Architecture Minho University 2014
SOULS 40 Years photo essay 1973-2013
PULSAR Robotarium | Lisbon | 2014
Remember Beuys Pescara | Italy 2014
Clue-Up Due Abyss Monte Verità . Switzerland 2014
STliz CISLAGO 2013
Aqueduct of Lisbon photo 2012 | 2013
SUTURA Robotarium | Lisbon 2013
URBIS urban histology | photo | 2013
CEJB Pescara | Italy 2014
KLEVE Kunsthaus | Zurich | 2013
Remember Beuys Kunsthaus | Zurich | 2013
Space Architecture Miami Dade College | Miami | 2013
The End of the World Streaming Museum | New York | 2012
CAGE 100 YEARS world 2012
JOHN 100 BES ARTE Lisboa | Portugal | 2012
JOHN CAGE CENTENNIAL TRIBUTE Streaming Museum | New York | 2012
A WAY A LONE A LAST A LOVED Alain Kirili's Studio | New York | 2012
Beethoven's Cage M Ocean 2 EIF | New York | 2012
LOFT | ABSTRACTA FESTIVAL Roma | Italia | 2012
ACTAMEDIA 10 São Paulo | Brasil | 2012
JOHN CAGE 100 LA VIRREINA Barcelona | España | 2012
CAGE SUPERTÔNICA CULTURA São Paulo | Brasil | 2012
A WAY A LONE A LAST A LOVED São Paulo | Brazil | 2012
HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD Sorbonne | Paris | 2012
FROM ZERO Locarno | Switzerland | 2012
JOHN CAGE WHITE NIGHT Locarno | Switzerland | 2012
CAGE | CADAQUÉS España | 2012
COLLISION . LA VIRREINA Barcelona | España | 2012
SILENZIO! Venezia | 2012
PIMENTA for CAGE Bari | 2013
ATRAHASIS Sale Mediterraneo | Trapani | 2012
space architecture USP University of São Paulo 2012
STliz Fano | Italy | 2012
As Time Goes By Abstracta Festival | Rome | 2011
KAIROS orbital building Amalfi Coast, New York, Lisbon | 2011
IYOBH Ubicities | USP | 2011
Ballet de Lorraine Concert | Nancy | 2011
MARS Concert | Lisbon | 2011
MAJA Concert | 2010
LEONARDO 2010 Locarno | 2010
LIMIT Lecture at Locarno | 2010
15 STONES Lisbon | 2010
XUACSAL Second Life Concert | 2010
KOELLREUTTER 95 anos | 95 years | 2010
TIME ZERO 2009 romanian cultural institute | new york
concert at BABYLON 2009 berlin | germany
MAT 2009 oldenburg | germany
LEPTON 2009 archetime | new york
CANTO 6409 2009 International Film Festival Cannes
MICROCOSMOS 2009 concert for Daniel Charles, Nice
CENTRAL PARK 20 YEARS photographic essay
SOULS 35 years photographic essay
LOW POWER SOCIETY New York | world
2008 Streaming Museum New York | world
2008 DANTE electronic opera
2008 SETI New York
2008 Deep Ocean New York
2007 Orez Trancoso Portugal
2007 Logical Traps United Kingdom - Portugal
2007 Leonardo Locarno Switzerland
2007 Kepler's Vestiges Trancoso Portugal
2007 Hidden Beings Locarno - Switzerland
2007 Ghed Trancoso Portugal
2007 Mondo Georgetown University
2007 Spirit of Discovery II Trancoso Portugal
FACTO Trancoso Portugal
2006 Erdos Budapest Hungary
2006 EET Trancoso Portugal
2006 Spirit of Discovery I Trancoso Portugal
2005 Zyklus Locarno Switzerland
2005 Rawwar Lisbon Portugal
2005 Deep Ocean EPFL Lausanne Switzerland
2004 Abell2218 EIF New York
2004 Fifteen Stones Locarno - Switzerland
2003 Seti EIF New York
2003 Kirkos Italy
2003 Holotopia Italy
2003 Art Forum Italy
2003 MART Italy
2002 Celebrate Cage New York
1998 ISIS Symmetry Haifa - Israel
1997 Janus Lisbon Portugal
1995-2007 BES Ernesto de Sousa Fellowship
Virtual Architecture Belem Cultural Center Lisbon, Portugal, 1997
Virtual Architecture Biennale of São Paulo 1999-2000
São Paulo Photographic Essay 1996
 1993 WOIKSED virtual planet