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International Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Symmetry

Interdisciplinary Panorama

These insights bridge across interdisciplinary boarders, discover interconnections and common-denominators between phenomena and processes and create a common ground for dialogue which the forthcoming Congress and Exhibition will try to encourage and to facilitate.


Anthropology, Architecture, Astrophysics, Behavioural Science, Biology, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Cinema, City and Regional Planning, Communication Systems, Computer Science, Crystallography, Dance, Ecology, Economic Planning, Education, Electronics, Engineering, Fashion Design, Gender, Geography, Graphic Design, Hermeneutics History, Industrial Design, Information Systems, Interdisciplinary Design Fields, Linguistics, Literature, Man-Environment Sciences, Mathematics, Medicine, Military Planning, Music, Philosophy, Physics, Poetry, Political Sciences, Polyaesthetics, Psychology, Social Planning, Sociology, Stage Arts, Structures, Textile Design, Transportation, Visual Arts