photos by ricky monti
Birdman and the New Generation
marco agostinelli
Palazzo Zenobio
during the Biennale di Venezia

May 13 to September 30 . 2017
          10am to 6pm (Mondays closed)
          free admitance

opening . May 13 . 2017 . from 6pm to midnight
Dorsoduro, 2596
30123 Venezia, Itália

Birdman - Tangata Manu
musical concert-installation
emanuel dimas de melo pimenta

In 2015 the Italian artist Marco Agostinelli started a challenging project: Birdman and the New Generation. A big sculpture in wood, many small sculptures, three installations, two videos, a set of lights, several paintings and drawings in a deep dive into one of the most disturbing and enlightening myths of our planet. Two years of intense work resulted in a powerful and historical artwork that also is an experience of life. In 2016, Marco Agostinelli invited Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta to compose a musical piece for the exhibition at the magnificent Palazzo Zenobio, during the Biennale of Venice. Emanuel Pimenta elaborated a concert-installation using robotic sounds of poems created by one hundred poets from thirty countries and birds from all over the world. The musical score, made inside Virtual Reality, was based on the oldest known musical score, dated of around four thousand years ago, which is in the Schøyen Collection. The musical concert-installation by Emanuel Pimenta is dedicated to Marco Agostinelli e a Martin Schøyen.

curator: Roberta Semeraro
marco agostinelli
emanuel pimenta

roberta semeraro

palazzo zenobio

birdman and the new generation by marco agostinelli
birdman - tangata manu, the music by emanuel pimenta
photos of birdman and the new generation by ricky monti
some images of the virtual musical score

100 poets and 30 birds in the music

some images of the palazzo zenobio associazione culturale
asa art and technology

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